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Tattoo Ole

Sailor tattoos & symbols - By Majbritt "Lille Ole" Petersen, danish version

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Tattoo Ole exclusive book by Majbritt "Lille Ole" Petersen in danish.

A beautifully crafted book, made from the same bookmakers as the Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II, uses.

Since traditions are the essence of the old tattoo shop and knowledge is gold, Majbritt, Tattoo Ole's 12th proprietor, set out to make a book about the ancient customs and meanings of these beautiful motives before being lost within the older generation. 

In this book you will find everything you would ever need to know about sailor tattoos and their meaning.

Over several years, Majbritt has collected the old exciting seamen's legends and myths, which she has written down in a small black book with comments and illustrations. She managed to find Tattoo Ole's original drawings from the 1940s, and has since made her own versions of them. The project has taken approx. 5 years, and has turned into an easy book with lots of pictures illustrating the old symbols. It will be a practical book for tattoo artists, but at the same time addressed to everyone who loves tattoos and old legends.

I hope you will enjoy the book!