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Who are we

Behind the scenes at Tattoo Ole

At Tattoo Ole we create art from customer wishes. As our brand goes back to the age of 1884 we strive to bring our design to people, not only through ink, but through creative art that crafts our merchandise. Check out our unique collection which is crafted in the art and design of Tattoo Ole's artists.

Check our Tattoo studio where all the designs are made in the video below.

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    A true connection to history

    Tattoo Ole is the worlds oldest still operating tattoo studio. Having been in business in the same location since 1884.

    The history behind Tattoo Ole 
  • Tattoo ole artist design

    Personalized art

    We don't see tattoos as mere ink, We see it as amazing, one-of-a-kind art. We strive to give you the art you wished for.

    Tattoo Oles artists 
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    One of a kind merch

    Our products are limited edition. A finite number of items are special made for you. Get your unique item here.

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